The Many Benefits of Assisted Living

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Have you ever daydreamed about living the easy life? Did it look like scrumptious restaurant-style meals, modern accommodations adapted to your every need, and a community of like-minded friends? Once you learn about the many benefits of assisted living, you’ll see why it’s a dream come true!

The Many Benefits of Assisted Living

Who hasn’t daydreamed about enjoying a well-earned retirement? Unfortunately, sometimes daydreams don’t live up to the reality of independent living as a senior. Even if you aren’t working, the everyday hassles of bills and errands remain part of your life. Being a senior also introduces new life challenges, like managing age-related health conditions, that can be complicated to navigate alone. How can you handle the challenges of senior life while still enjoying your golden years? For many, the answer comes down to an assisted living community.

Assisted Living Meets You Where You’re At

Assisted living communities have lots of different levels of care, and the best ones focus on helping you find the support you need while retaining the freedom you want.

Assisted Living Makes Life Transitions Easier

No matter how well you plan for it, senior life includes changes and transitions. If you are in an assisted living community, you’ll be surrounded by well-trained staff members who are experienced in helping with those transitions. These kinds of communities can provide medication management, transportation, and all kinds of other resources and expertise.

Assisted Living Gives You a Built-in Community

One of the unfortunate realities of aging is that it can be an isolating experience, especially if you live alone. However, if you live in a senior living community, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded seniors who are navigating many of the same issues as you. Senior living communities provide social spaces and activities that can help you connect and make new friends at any age.

Assisted Living Gives You a Space of Your Own

Assisted living communities have all kinds of housing options that promote independence and privacy for residents while still keeping them safe. Many apartment options have dishwashers, bathrooms, and other modern amenities to enjoy.

Assisted Living Gives You Your Time Back

Your golden years are a precious time, and you don’t want to waste them. A good senior community provides you with all the assistance you need to make the most of them. It brings resources like transportation and medication to your door, it takes home maintenance and yard work off your plate, and it even provides daily meals and activities. Let someone else take over the difficult parts of life management, and enjoy your time exactly how you please.


Could the benefits of assisted living make it a dream come true for your retirement? Come visit us at The Shores of Lake Phalen, and we’ll show you why so many seniors are proud to call our community their home.

Are you looking for a community that provides a positive, healthy atmosphere where you can live out your golden years? The Shores of Lake Phalen is an assisted living and memory care community in a quiet, peaceful environment in Maplewood, Minnesota. Surrounded by a gorgeous wooded setting between two lakes, our residence offers the accessibility of apartment-style housing with the atmosphere and elegance of a resort. We offer numerous health and safety amenities, fun events and activities, a friendly and accommodating staff, and so much more. Schedule a tour of the community to explore our spacious apartments, elegant dining room, and more. We look forward to hearing from you!