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Why You Should Stay in a Senior Living Community This Winter

Why You Should Stay in a Senior Living Community This Winter

When the weather outside is frightful, a senior living community can be delightful. Did you know that you can plan a temporary stay at The Shores of Lake Phalen throughout the cold winter months? If the idea of shoveling snow fills you with dread, it’s time to learn why you should stay in a senior living community this winter.

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Why You Should Stay in a Senior Living Community This Winter

Have you ever heard of snowbirding? This term refers to seniors who structure their lives so they don’t have to deal with the slush and bother winter can bring. If that sounds appealing, consider the benefits of making a senior living community your home-away-from-home during the winter.

Let Someone Else Do the Hard Stuff

One of the most annoying things about winter is that it’s a huge hassle to deal with, especially when you live on your own. A typical winter checklist includes winterizing the windows, stocking up on salt, pulling the snow shovel out of the basement, and more. And it just keeps going, all winter long. Not to mention those high utility bills! Even if you love the winter, you have to admit it’s a lot of work to get through it comfortably. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else took care of it?

Good news: If you spend winter in a senior living community, they willSpending your winter at a senior living community means someone else takes care of all the winter chores. Imagine sidewalks free of ice and snow, a temperature-controlled apartment that’s kept cozy all winter long, and amenities that can come to you if it’s too chilly to go out. All you have to do is sit back, grab a hot chocolate, and watch the snow.

Let Winter Be a Time of Fun, Not Stress

Did you know that winter solstice festivals are celebrated by cultures around the world? When it’s dark and cold outside, people like to come together. Unfortunately, for those who live alone during the winter, dangerous travel conditions can make it difficult to be social

If you spend your winter at a senior living community, however, a little bit of snow won’t keep you from spending time with people. Our community is set up to provide plenty of socialization and entertainment over the winter months, including an on-site theater and fun daily and weekly activities for our residents. If you have family or friends visiting, we have a community room with a cozy fireplace where you can entertain with the best of them. We even have an on-site salon and spa to keep you looking and feeling your best for your holiday gatherings. Your loved ones will enjoy visiting you here, and you’re bound to make a new friend or two.

Give Yourself Peace of Mind for Christmas and Beyond

Spending the winter in a senior living community can take the work out of the season in more ways than one. Imagine if there was a snow emergency, but you needed help with something right away. Or consider what would happen if it was snowing when you needed to run an everyday errand like buying groceries. Could winter weather stop you from getting what you need?

Not at The Shores of Lake Phalen. We provide 24-hour care for all residents, and we are here to help with every issue and emergency that can arise. Why spend the winter anxiously eyeing the weather when you can spend it enjoying the peace of mind brought to you by a senior living community?


If winter has become a burden as you enter your golden years, it’s time to give yourself a break. Give us a call, and we’ll help make those snowy days something to look forward to again.

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