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When deciding to move into a senior living community, understanding what level of care you need can help you find the community you’re looking for. If you’re a senior with age-related memory issues, understanding your options for care is critical to making the right call. Assisted living vs. memory care: which choice is right for you?

Assisted Living vs. Memory Care

When researching senior living communities, there’s much more you need to know than you might realize. For example, the city your community is located in can significantly affect your overall retirement experience. Another critical consideration is the kind of support you will access in your senior living community. Every senior is different, and the amount of assistance they need from a senior living community can vary dramatically based on their health and other factors. How can you be sure your senior living community will provide the level of care that you need?

Because seniors need personalized care based on their situations, most senior living communities offer different residential models. Shores of Lake Phalen provides an assisted living community and a memory care community for potential residents. Which one is right for you? 

Assisted Living: Help When You Need It, Freedom When You Don’t

For some seniors, a senior living community provides a place to live out their golden years with the support they need while still nurturing a largely independent lifestyle. If independence appeals to you, an assisted living community could be the home you’re looking for. Assisted living communities prioritize privacy and autonomy for residents while still ensuring they receive the daily support that makes their lives easier:

  • Residents in assisted living communities reside in private rooms in communities that are very similar to modern apartment buildings. They’re bright, spacious, and full of amenities like common rooms for socializing. 
  • Assisted living provides individualized levels of care for residents, depending on their abilities. Residents can count on assistance with housekeeping, laundry, and daily tasks like dressing and medication management if they need it. 
  • Assisted living communities bring amenities like beauty shops and restaurant dining to your front door. Your life will never be more convenient!
  • Assisted living communities provide various exciting engagement opportunities to residents, such as classes and social events, to help them stay engaged and active and have fun during retirement.

Memory Care: Additional Support for Seniors with Age-Related Memory Needs

For many seniors, assisted living is a perfect fit for their lifestyle. However, some seniors have health conditions that require additional management. For seniors with age-related memory issues like dementia or Alzheimer’s, living in a community that is prepared to support them is essential. That’s why a memory care community can be an ideal home for a senior that needs a higher level of support:

  • Memory care communities offer many of the same amenities as assisted living communities. Seniors enjoy cheery private living spaces, daily meals and housekeeping assistance, and plenty of opportunities to have fun and socialize.
  • Memory care offers specific kinds of progressive support to seniors struggling with age-related memory issues. This includes employing people with experience supporting seniors with these issues and offering enrichment programming created with senior memory issues in mind.
  • Memory care communities are also built to be safe and supportive for seniors with age-related memory issues, regardless of their severity or progression. 24-hour care is available, and personalized care plans are regularly updated to ensure seniors get the support they need.


If you’re a senior who could use a helping hand every now and then, assisted living could be a great fit for you. If you need help with Alzheimer’s or another age-related memory issue, memory care will provide the help you seek.

The Shores of Lake Phalen is an assisted living community in a quiet, peaceful environment in Maplewood, Minnesota. We offer numerous health and safety amenities, fun events and activities, a friendly and accommodating staff, and much more. Schedule a tour of the community to explore our spacious apartments, elegant dining room, and more. We look forward to hearing from you!