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For seniors with dementia, planned activities are a great way to provide fun and social engagement. Luckily, the changing season brings all kinds of new opportunities for seniors to get out and get active. If you have a loved one with age-related memory issues, these fall activities for seniors with dementia can provide a season of fun.

Fall Fun for Seniors with Memory Issues

The temperature might be dipping, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to hibernate. In fact, with the friendly weather and beautiful outdoor scenery, there’s no better time to be out and about than in the fall. How can you ensure that your fall fun plans can accommodate your loved ones with age-related memory issues? These fall activities for seniors with dementia can help.

Fall Leaf Walks

Physical activity is essential no matter what the season, so why not make it fun? The changing leaves in fall are just as beautiful as Fourth of July fireworks, and a good leaf walk can show you exactly why. Visiting a new public park or other natural area can allow you to take in some unique scenery while enjoying the changing season. If a long hike feels too ambitious, a quick walk around the block can still let you see the changing leaves and enjoy the sights and smells of the season. You can hunt for your favorite leaves and even take a few home to preserve as souvenirs!

Jigsaw Puzzles

Enjoying the great outdoors is fun in the fall, but having some indoor activities on deck is also a good idea for chilly and rainy days. If you’re seeking an activity that can provide both fun and mental stimulation, jigsaw puzzles have plenty of proven benefits for those with age-related memory issues. Puzzles with familiar fall imagery can help seniors reminisce about their favorite seasonal memories. More straightforward puzzles that rely on colors and shapes will provide welcome mental stimulation on a cozy afternoon indoors. Puzzles can also be great group activities for seniors.

Favorite Fall Recipes

Did you know that smells are associated with improved cognitive function? Incorporating a senior’s favorite scents into the activities you do together can spark good memories and provide comfort and happiness. Make a favorite fall recipe together and let the smell of the meal summon some favorite fall memories. If cooking isn’t possible, a simmer pot or potpourri with some favorite fall scents can serve the same purpose.

Fall Book Club

Trying to stay social when the weather turns can be challenging. For many seniors, clubs and social groups can help. A fall book club might be just the ticket if you’re seeking a cozy indoor excuse to socialize. Believe it or not, there are all kinds of books written specifically for seniors with age-related memory issues that can give you lots of food for thought. Gather some friends with a pot of good tea and some scrumptious cookies, and enjoy the conversation and company.


We hope these fall activities for seniors with dementia will make this season an enjoyable one for you. If you’re a senior looking for memory care support, you’ll find what you’re looking for at the Shores of Lake Phalen.

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