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How to Find a New Hobby

How to Find a New Hobby

Free time is fun, but what do you fill it with? If you’re at a loss, explore how to find a new hobby. It can help you pinpoint the perfect activity.

Countless studies over the years have demonstrated that seniors who stay active tend to live longer, are happier, and are more resilient. They’re also less likely to develop certain health issues like heart disease, dementia, stroke, and some forms of cancer, according to the National Institute on Aging. Hobbies are an excellent way to stay active. Plus, they can provide opportunities to socialize. If you’re eager to enjoy these advantages, check out our tips for how to find a new hobby.

List Things You Enjoy

Make a list of things that you enjoy doing. Then, look for activities that let you spend time doing things that you take pleasure in. It’s generally best to start small. Don’t invest a lot of time or resources immediately. Instead, let things evolve naturally. You may find that your activities revolve around one interest. You may discover that your interests change frequently. Or, you may enjoy mixing things up with several different hobbies.

Think of Things That You’d Like to Learn

Exploring subjects can be a fantastic way to challenge your brain, find new areas of interest, and meet new people. Are there topics that have always intrigued you? Would certain skills come in handy? There are countless classes and lectures available on an endless array of subjects. Hardware stores, craft stores, and other businesses will often run brief classes to encourage shoppers to learn skills that require their wares. Galleries and libraries frequently have lectures and educational programs. Many colleges and universities will allow seniors to audit classes. This lets you attend the classes that interest you for free. You won’t get credit, but you will be able to learn about the topics that interest you while soaking up the energy of the classroom.

Consider Things You’d Be Willing to Teach

Learning isn’t the only thing that can drive you to explore a new hobby. If finding a purpose is important to you, then you may want to think about what you’d be willing to teach. Many local organizations are hungry for volunteers who are willing to teach a skill. Some prefer people who are ready to teach a unique skill or service that they excel at. Others are willing to train you to teach their program. For example, adult literacy groups are often looking for someone willing to volunteer a few hours each week to work one-on-one with a learner.

Surprise Yourself

Fear of failure can be paralyzing, so many people go through life avoiding things that they assume they won’t do well. But hobbies should be fun! There’s no need to excel. That means if you’re wondering how to find a hobby, you could surprise yourself by trying random things that seem interesting or fun but are not what someone might expect you to do. If it turns out to not be your thing, so what? You can always try something else next time.

Do Something Productive

Some people thrive when they’re marking things off their to-do lists. They’re happiest when they’re helping, and they delight in being productive. If this describes you, choosing a hobby that allows you to be productive makes sense. You could thrive by volunteering.

Embrace a Guilty Pleasure

If you’re searching for a hobby that will help you unwind, think about the things you do when you are treating yourself. Do you take long walks outside? If so, perhaps the local park or zoo could use volunteers or docents. Do you disappear into the pages of a new murder mystery? You might find a book club or volunteer at your local library. Do you head to the bakery for a sweet treat? You could treat yourself to a cooking class.


Growing older has long been associated with wisdom. Exploring different hobbies is certainly a fun way to add to your store of knowledge, so learning how to find a new hobby is certainly a handy skill. At The Shores of Lake Phalen, we think senior living should be full of opportunities to stay active and engaged, so our community calendar is always full.

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