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Did you know that Minnesota is one of the most popular places for seniors to live in the United States? If you don’t understand why retirees flock to assisted living in the North Star State, it’s time to find out. Let us tell you why you’ll love assisted living in Minnesota.

Why You’ll Love Assisted Living in Minnesota

When you think about great places for seniors to live, do you think of Minnesota? If not, it’s time to start. Minnesota is the eighth most popular place for seniors to spend their golden years in the United States, and there’s a reason for that. Let’s explore why so many seniors love assisted living in Minnesota . . .

Minnesota Has an Active Senior Population

One of the best things about assisted living is that it makes daily life much easier. The dedicated care staff at an assisted living community will help with things like housekeeping and laundry, removing daily chores from your to-do list and letting you focus on your interests. If you reside in assisted living in Minnesota, you’re in the perfect place to make the most of that free time. Seniors in Minnesota are known for being active within their communities, especially when it comes to volunteering and civic engagement. Let assisted living give you your time back, and you’ll find plenty of new senior friends to enjoy it with you.

Minnesota Is Good for Your Health

Savvy seniors know that maintaining their health is the key to thriving in retirement and beyond. One of the many reasons that seniors flock to Minnesota is because it has some of the best health care for seniors in the United States. Minnesota provides seniors with excellent health care, but assisted living in Minnesota can improve your health picture even more. Assisted living at communities like The Shores of Lake Phalen prioritizes individualized assistance that helps residents stay healthy and thrive in their senior years. You’ll find lots of support for your healthy lifestyle, including regularly served nutritious meals, holistic wellness events, and other daily health assistance.

Assisted Living in Minnesota Is Great for Senior Budgets

Money-savvy seniors know the importance of sticking to a budget. One of the reasons that seniors love to retire to Minnesota is because the cost of living there is lower than it is in other states. Seniors in Minnesota can further simplify their budgets by moving into assisted living, where they’ll find their monthly rent and utility costs bundled into a simple monthly expense. Seniors who move into assisted living can say goodbye to confusing bills and fluctuating expenses and spend their money on the things that make retirement a joy. Many seniors find assisted living in Minnesota to be a cheaper option than continuing to live independently.

Assisted Living Will Help You Fall in Love with Minnesota

If you’re looking for a place to spend your retirement, you might be intrigued by everything Minnesota offers. However, moving to a new community as a senior can be a challenging transition to make on your own. Assisted living can help by providing a ready-made community to join as you get to know the North Star state. Meet your new neighbors over breakfast or lunch, then join our staff for a field trip to explore your new home. We love Minnesota and are excited to help you love it, too!


Do you know why you’ll love assisted living in Minnesota? If not, visit us at The Shores of Lake Phalen, and we’ll show you everything we adore about our home state.

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