11 Signs It Might Be Time for Assisted Living

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Moving into an assisted living community can be a great idea for a senior for a multitude of reasons, including some you may not expect. We’ve rounded up 11 signs it might be time for assisted living. Do any of them sound familiar to you?

11 Signs It Might Be Time for Assisted Living

Why do seniors move into assisted living communities? It’s true that many seniors who need a little extra help thrive in assisted living. However, there are plenty of other signs that an assisted living community might be the right home for you. Here are 11 signs it might be time for assisted living.

You’re Done with Driving

Yes, a car provides freedom. It also provides a lot of other frustrations, like paying steep gas prices and managing the stress of dealing with traffic. An assisted living community brings the amenities you need right to your front door, no car required.

You’re Dreading the Winter

Winter brings a series of chores that many seniors dread, like salting and shoveling the sidewalk and winterizing your home to avoid steep heating bills. An assisted living community handles the winter work for you, so you don’t have to worry about it.

You’re Tired of Maintaining a Home

Maintaining a house or apartment is a lot of work. Throw in daily chores like dishwashing and laundry, and before you know it, you’re feeling overwhelmed. Seniors appreciate assisted living because there are helping hands for household chores, leaving them free to rest and relax.

You Have a Medical Condition to Manage

For seniors with certain conditions, such as dementia, daily help is essential. Family members can help up to a point, but assisted living can provide expertise and support that they cannot. Assisted living can give you the help you need, and give your caretakers a needed break too.

You Want to Make Friends

You aren’t alone if you’re a senior struggling to make social connections in retirement. Many seniors choose assisted living because it provides them with a community. You’ll have a neighborhood full of like-minded seniors to befriend and plenty of opportunities to hang out and have fun.

You’re Bored of Your Typical Meals

For some seniors, getting food that’s both delicious and nutritious can become a daily challenge. If you’re tired of fighting with your microwave, consider how an assisted living community can help. With meals served regularly and snacks on demand, you’ll never have trouble satisfying your appetite.

You Enjoy a Little Luxury

“Luxury” may not be the first word that comes to mind when considering assisted living. If not, you might be surprised by all the perks of a modern assisted living community. For example, the Shores at Lake Phalen offers an on-site spa, a theater, and even a deck with a fire pit!

You’re Concerned About Safety

As a senior’s needs and abilities change, basic household objects like a set of stairs or a slippery bathtub can become dangerous. Assisted living communities are built and designed with your health and safety in mind.

You Want a Simpler Budget

Managing household finances can be tricky, especially if you’re keeping track of many different bills. Assisted living makes money management easy by including utilities, services, and rent in one monthly payment.

You Like Keeping Busy

Just because you’re a senior, it doesn’t mean it’s time to slow down. Assisted living communities will keep you learning and growing with a packed calendar of classes, field trips, and other fun activities.

You’re Ready for a Change

It’s never too late to shake things up, even when you’re in your golden years. If you’re ready to try a new way of life, moving into an assisted living community might be the adventure you’re looking for!


These are just 11 signs it might be time for assisted living. Do any of them resonate with you? If so, give us a call to learn more!

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